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The Scientifically Proven Benefits of H.I.I.T. (High-Intensity Interval Training)

The Scientifically Proven Benefits of H.I.I.T. (High-Intensity Interval Training)
Have you tried to lose weight and get fit but you can’t seem to get past that first five pounds? Are you losing motivation faster than you’re losing weight? Would you rather do anything than hit the gym for one more day? If so, you may just need a different kind of motivation – a deeper inspiration to make you see the light!

Here at Body Machine Fitness (BMF), we offer an immersive and exhilarating experience unlike any other studio out there, thanks to a high-fidelity light and sound show, the best trainers and a community that keeps the energy level high. Trust us when we say these intense workouts will help you reach your fitness goals faster.

Specifically, we offer H.I.I.T. (High-Intensity Interval Training). If you want to start feeling invigorated, this is the workout to try. If you’ve been leaving the gym tired and unmotivated with your previous blah workout, get ready to kick things up a notch. We PROMISE you won’t be bored with HIIT!

What is HIIT?
Quite simply, HIIT is designed to give you the greatest metabolic burn in the shortest amount of time possible. Each day at BMF focuses on a different muscle group to give you a balanced and effective workout, even for the muscles you tend to forget about. Part of the reason your current workout isn’t working for you is probably because you’re working the same muscles over and over again. But without variation, your muscles get used to the routine and you won’t see any changes. Well, it’s time for a change. Changing your mindset about fitness starts with getting pumped about working out and feeling good.

Here’s what you can expect:
  1. One-hour, instructor-led group fitness based on intervals or rounds of cardio and strength training.
  2. This high-intensity workout is a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods, which is the most effective way to build muscle and shred fat.
  3. Each workout is unique day-to-day to keep your body and mind guessing and engaged. Whether you try HIIT treadmill workouts or HIIT workouts for beginners, you can’t go wrong.
Benefits of HIIT
You can’t talk about HIIT without mentioning words like “high-intensity,” “exhilarating,” fun,” and “mind-blowing.” HIIT cardio is definitely a game-changer, and will instantly switch your mindset about exercise from hum-drum to holy cow!
There are so many benefits of HIIT cardio, including:
  1. Efficient
  2. Burn More Fat
  3. Build a Healthier Heart
  4. No Equipment Necessary
  5. Lose Weight, Not Muscle
  6. Increase Metabolism
  7. Do It Anywhere!
Best part is, you can pick it up at any time. HIIT for beginners can inspire you to finally get serious about fitness and cardio. Got a half hour? That’s all you need! The 30 min HIIT workout allows you to get in some high-intensity interval training each day while still having plenty of time to hit the grocery store after work or pick up your kid from practice.
HIIT training starts with a willingness to change. After you do that, it’s all fun from there. Don’t get us wrong, it will be a lot of hard work, but it’s work you’ll enjoy doing because you’ll feel good and look even better.

FAQs from the Pro
Got more questions about HIIT workouts? Here are some helpful Questions & Answers by BMF Master Trainer, Ethan Marine:

What are the main benefits of HIIT?
Efficiency is the first word that comes to mind. Like any other workout, you will build muscle and you will burn fat, but with HIIT you’ll do it in a very short amount of time.

Should I do HIIT instead of personal training?
HIIT is not necessarily a complete substitute for personal training, because they both serve a different purpose. HIIT is going to be an intense, fun, and effective way to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time, while personal training is going to touch on the finer details catered specifically to that individual’s needs. They complement each other very well.

Will HIIT help increase my endurance?
Yes, it absolutely will! With its fast-paced nature and short rest periods, it’s been proven to increase aerobic capacity.

How do I know if HIIT is the right workout for me?
Everyone can benefit from HIIT, but the right workout for you is the one you enjoy. That’s the workout that you’ll stick to, so the only way to find out is to take it for a ride.

Will HIIT make me lose weight?
If you’re in a calorie deficit, then the answer is yes. Weight-loss is all about energy balance, and HIIT is an amazing way to spike the metabolism and burn a ton of calories.

What are the most effective HIIT exercises for calorie burn?
Generally, if your goal is to burn a lot of calories, then you’ll want to stick to the largest muscle groups and multi-joint movements. Isolation exercises aren’t bad, they just aren’t as efficient for calorie burn.

Can I do HIIT if I’m pregnant?
Pregnancy is tricky because everyone is different, but if you were already doing HIIT prior to getting pregnant, it’s typically safe to continue doing it after becoming pregnant. Heart rate, body temperature, and exercise modifications will need to be taken into consideration by your health professional and coach.

How many times a week should I do HIIT workouts?
Three times a week is the bare minimum for any exercise program to provide any real significant benefits, but it will depend on your current fitness level, and your body’s ability to recover.

How can I stay motivated to take multiple HIIT classes a week?
Motivation comes and goes, that’s just the reality of it. Things that are proven to help people stay on track are setting long-term goals, and multiple short-term goals. Also, having a workout buddy or group of people to hold you accountable will make a huge impact on your consistency.

How do I know if I’m ready for a HIIT workout?
As long as you’ve been cleared by your doctor and don’t have any pre-existing conditions, then you are ready! The beauty is you can always pace yourself accordingly. It’s always up to you how hard, fast, heavy, and how often you take breaks.

If I’m a beginner, can I do HIIT? Or do I need to work my way to it?
Yes, a beginner can absolutely do it. At the beginning, it’s best to go light, take breaks often, and go at your own pace in order to ease into it. Your body is an adaptation machine, and you’ll notice that your performance begins to improve very quickly.

If HIIT is so great, why isn’t everyone doing it?
Because it’s hard. Everybody wants those results, but everybody simply isn’t willing to do the work that it takes. A really challenging workout can be very intimidating, but once people get over that fear, they realize that they are completely capable and begin to experience the benefits almost immediately.

What’s the difference between HIIT and Tabata?
Tabata is a very specific work-to-rest ratio that falls under the HIIT umbrella. It’s 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest, completed for four minutes.

What is the difference between HIIT and Crossfit?
Crossfit is just a very specific application of HIIT involving Olympic lifts and various other modalities.

Can you modify HIIT workouts?
Yes, you can absolutely modify HIIT workouts.

How many calories on average will I burn in a BMF workout?
That’s an impossible question to answer, since we all burn calories at a very different rate, depending on our current fitness level, effort level, genetics, etc.

What are some HIIT exercises I could do at home?
If you’re limited on equipment, there are plenty of awesome bodyweight exercises that you can do and apply to a HIIT workout at home. Remember it’s more about the effort and intensity then it is about the exercise itself, so there’s no need to get fancy. Keep it simple with traditional exercises like squats, push-ups, lunges, pull-ups, Burpees, etc.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and learn about the best HIIT workout around, reserve a spot or schedule a class today. Your first class is FREE!